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Care Skills Group has a 13 year legacy of providing real skills, positive outcomes and a person-centered approach.


Our role is to work with employers to understand their needs and then train students to meet those needs.

For employers, we encourage you to collaborate with us to define and refine your training and recruitment strategies.

For students, we encourage you to connect with us, challenge your thinking and develop your career. Working in care and community services can be hugely rewarding – and with thousands of new jobs being created thanks to the NDIS, it's a great way to progress your career and make a positive impact on the world. 

Our success is demonstrated by the programs that we run. Over 50% of students who attend our job-ready programs are offered traineeship roles immediately after training. Many more students from these groups achieve jobs soon after.

Care Skills Group traineeship programs offer highly nurturing learning programs designed to impart new skills and encourage students to learn and reflect on their roles, skills and interactions.

Ask us about our Fee Free courses 

Grow your career

There are so many opportunities in Care. Challenge yourself, grow, become better

Recruit new workers

Recruitment strategies proved to work for employers in the

care sector

Start a care career

Industry leading and supported job ready programs with over 50% employment achieved 

Wage Subsidies

Employers can receive substantial wage subsidies and other benefits


Work with like minded and immersive students and programs

Govt funded training

Fully and partially funded programs for new and existing workers

Satisfied Students and Providers


My feedback on the Care Skills Group is that I never thought I’d find a program like this. This program was so simple yet I learned so much from my trainer. Both administration & trainers are kind, have amazing communication skills as they outline all key areas of focus, supportive from the first day of application and encouraging to all students.

Before starting this program I was worried that it might have been difficult but attending the program was easy to understand, work booklets & student guides were easily accessible as well as simple to work on. All tasks given were manageable as our trainers explained clearly the information needed. Trainers have always been helpful when students are confused or do not have an understanding on the topic & work. Our trainers are also very considerate of students ' feelings to ensure all students feel comfortable at a pace we are learning at, for example if the trainer was teaching too fast or too slow.

Throughout this program I really enjoyed expanding my knowledge & building a common interest with other students. Care Skills Group has built my confidence & knowledge allowing me to finally explore more into this field. This program has now helped me into a new role as a support worker, I am grateful for all the help and support they have provided. Without them I wouldn’t have this great opportunity. Thank you so much to the Care Skill Group.

Aaliyah - Completed Job Ready course with Care Skills Group and offered Support Worker Role in August 2021 with Eremea

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